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Because the fire is making the coat hanger hot because the fire is hot

The metal coat hanger is a good conductor of heat.

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Q: When you hold a metal coat hanger in a fire why does the hanger become too hot to hold?
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you have to trade a metal coat from fire red or leaf green P.s. also every magnimite has a 4% chance it is holding a metal coat

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Where do you find the one metal coat of which is not on a magemite on fire red?

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Trade from fire red or leaf green. On fire red and leaf green its found on memorial pillar (in the sevii islands).

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Have a Scyther or Onix hold it. Trade them, and then they'll evolve into Scizor and Steelix, respectively.

Should there be more Wings Of Fire books?

Yes at the end It's a cliff hanger!

How do you get Scizor in Pokemon FireRed?

find metal coat give it to syther then trade itFirst, you need to get a scyther. You can get one from the Game Corner in Celadon City or from the Safari Zone. After catching one, find a metal coat. You can find that at the memorial pillar or the trainer tower in the sevii islands. Trade the scyther with it holding the metal coat and you have a scizor. Then, trade it back if you want it on your fire red game.