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It means, that your account is hacked. delete your .minecraft folder (backup save files) and change your password on Redownload minecraft and it´ll work.

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Q: When you connect to wage on minecraft it says end of stream what does this mean?
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What to do if it says Can't connect to in Minecraft?

hit log in offline.

On minecraft when connecting to multiplayer what does it mean when it says end of stream?

The end of stream means the server has stopped streaming. This happens when the computer hosting the server is shutdown. It also happens when the server is down for whatever reason.

Why is it that when I try to connect to my minecraft server it says im not platinum and doesnt let me play?

Have you bought the game? Platnium mean that you have purchessed it. If you haven't, then you will need to in order for it to say 'Platnium'.

Why when ever you try to connect to your minecraft server it says end of stream?

Probably because your client is not the same version as the server. The server lists its own version information in the console (near the top). Also make sure the server isn't lagging.

Why do you keep getting kicked from your minecraft server when I connect and then says I am not logged in then disconnects me and minecraft crashes?

You have to log into single player in order to begin using Multiplayer. Otherwise, you have the wrong IP

What does it mean when Netflix says not available to stream?

it means you can get it on a dvd but not on a computer

How do you conect to a minecraft server when it says failed to connect?

Maybe the server is temporarily not available or you are using anjocaido's minecraft launcher. If you have that you need to download Hamachi and Type Server iD IP Password and Gate

What does it mean when you log into a minecraft server and says RejectedExecutionException?

someone let me know please

Ive bought and downloaded minecraft and i can run the launcher but when i try to log in it says cant connect to the internet in red lettering.?

This happens if the minecraft launcher can't get access to the minecraft servers. If you play the game from the website first, then you will get access to an offline version through the launcher

What does it mean when on minecraft pe it says outdated client?

If it says outdated client, it means the server is at a newer version than you are. You need to update your game to be able to play on the server.

What does it mean when it says server has timed out in Minecraft?

it means the server has gone down such as minecraft server has crashed or the server owner has lost Internet connection

What does it mean when your phone says its not rooted?

It means it can not connect or find the thing you are looking for