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You first get the respawn pad for that kind of team then place it down some where then there will be the teams when you save it.

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Q: When you are building your place on Roblox how do you make teams?
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When you are building your place on Roblox how do you make it show teams?

Just stand on a spawn.

How do you make your place smaller on roblox?

You can make your place smaller by building it smaller. There's not much to it.

How do you make a script building place on roblox?

Use one of Anaminus's Script building games.

How do you make teams in roblox?

To make teams on Roblox first open the place you want to add the teams to in Roblox Studio. Secondly, open the Insert window, go to game objects, and insert a spawn point of the color you want the team to be. Then go into the object browser and click on the teams folder. From here you can edit the properties of the teams such as it's name.

How do you make a good place on roblox?

To make a good place on ROBLOX, It needs a good name, good scripting (usually depends on game), and good building. Try not to use so many noticable free models.

How do you make a space station in roblox?


How do you make things on Roblox?

go to your place and click build and then when your place is done loading use the drag tool in your toolbox and start building!

How do you make a teem on roblox?

Open Roblox Studios. Go to the game you what to put the teams in. Press EDIT. Then go to Insert Object Teams. Then put in a spawn.

How do you make your place able to be searched on roblox?

By default when you make a place it is searchable on Roblox. However, if you have multiple places that are inactive, or you accidentally set your place to inactive, it will not be searchable. To fix this go to "My Roblox"/places, and click "make this place active" on your place.

How do you make team names on roblox?

Open your place in the Roblox studio. In the explorer select teams and find your team. Click the team you want to rename and type in the desired name in the "Name" property of the team.

How 2 make a place inactive on roblox?

you go to my roblox, places, then scroll to which place you want to make inactive, and click " make inactive"

How do you make a roblox?

U make a roblox with cheeze

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