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Use one of Anaminus's Script building games.

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Q: How do you make a script building place on roblox?
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How do you make your place smaller on roblox?

You can make your place smaller by building it smaller. There's not much to it.

How do you make events happen in your ROBLOX place?

to make events happen in your place,you must know how to script and you must have the models you want,I don't know how to script though,you can get tips from the help page.

How do make a regening place on roblox?

Open the place in the Roblox studio. Then open the Insert window. Select free models in the drop down box and then search for "Regen script". You should find a script that lets you regenerate a model after a time limit. Select your entire place that you want to regenerate and make it a model, then insert the script into that model.

How do you enter script in your Roblox place?

To enter a script on Roblox make sure the tools are displayed and then click Insert and select Object. Then, select "Script" from the window that pops up and click okay. Finally, double click on the script object that appears in the explorer window and enter your script.

How do you make your health not regen on roblox?

You have to make a script..

How do you make a VIP door in Roblox?

You make a brick the size of the door. Put the script that ROBLOX teaches you in the wiki into the brick.. Make a t-shirt then put that link into the "" of the script. It should be at the top of the script...

When you are building your place on Roblox how do you make it show teams?

Just stand on a spawn.

How can you make the place sanitary?

You would have to script it, in other words, thats hard but however there is a tool in the roblox studio for that

How do you make someone admin on roblox in your place i am admin but i want to know how to make them admin always?

you need to put them in the admin script

How do you make script amodel on Roblox's?

with scripts durr

How do you make a killer humanoid on roblox?

Make a humanoid, insert a follow script, then insert a lava script.

How do you make a tycoon on roblox and I've already searched roblox wiki and a bunch of stuff but nothing tells me how to make my own tycoon?

I would suggest finding someone who knows how to script LUA, the Roblox script. I don't script, but my friend (BinkyBear) knows.