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it's already out, Google it

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Q: When will the real wow wotlk be on private servers?
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Vcn wow server?

It's one of best private WoW servers.It supports Wotlk+DK and it's lagfree.

Does wow wotlk installer install all 3 of them the original tbc and wotlk?

Yes it does. I just installed WoW (+ Expansions) via the wotlk downloader.

Can you play on a private server from your real wow acc?

No you cannot. The private servers are illegal and are in no direct correlation with Blizzard-Activision Entertainment.

How do you install and play wotlk private server?

To install and play a wotlk server all you need is WoW + TBC + WotLK installed Find the server you wanna play and patch to their version Go to your WoW folder and find your realmlist in /data/enUS (file named Replace the blizzard realm login to the IP of the realm you wanna play (you can get that from the server's page) Here's a link to good private server with a detailed guide:

Can you have a private server wow account and a real account at the same time and not get banned from the account you paid for. If So How?

yes you can. blizzard does not know what your accounts are for private servers. so as long as you dont go around advertising your private server, blizzard will have no reason to ban you for private servers.

What is wow relmlist? is a file which is used to show you the official WoW servers.Yoi change this file to gain access to private servers. It is highly not recommended that you change this file as private servers are ILLEGAL.

Where do you make a private server for wow?

Private servers are illegal, i would suggest staying away from them.

If i have the code to wow's wotlk but not bc will the wotlk code upgrade me past bc?

No. You MUST upgrade to BC then Wrath.

Are only the private servers on wow free?

Yes, playing on a private server is mostly free. Some servers offer donor-specific items, but you can still get the blizzlike experience for free. I recommend Eternal-WoW, it is one of, if not the best private server out there.

How do you make a Private server For WoW?

Private servers are Illegal, i would not advice playing and/or making one.

How Can you Add Realms on your WoW Private Server?

Private servers are illegal, i would suggest staying away from them.

Are Private wow servers legal?

In the strictest legal terms, WoW servers are not legal, since they require a (basically) hijacked version of the official server software to run, which is not the property of the people running the servers.