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on July

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Q: When will the googenhime art gallery open on moshi monsters?
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Is the googenhime going toopen on moshi monsters?

The Googenheim is open now.

What will there be on Moshi Monsters after maintainse?

It is no longer under maintenance. I honestly don't know, but I think the Googenhime Art Gallery is opening soon and something under main street at the end of main street is under construction. But just a reminder Moshi Monsters is now open.

When is googenhime art gallery going to open?


When is the Googenheim art gallery going to open on moshi monsters?

The Googenheim Art Gallery is already open on Moshi Monsters. You can find it on Oh La Lane.

When is the googenhime art gallery going to be open in moshimonsters?


Why does the Googenheim Art Gallery always says open soon on Moshi Monster?

The Googenheim Art Gallery is now open on Moshi Monsters, so the "Open Soon" sign is gone.

Moshi monsters when will the art gallary be open 2010?

yes the art gallery will be open soon

Why can't you go in the art gallery in moshi monsters?

The Googenheim Art Gallery is open, so you should be able to visit it. If you're having problems then you should contact the Moshi Monsters Customer service team, their email is

When did the website Moshi Monsters open?

The Moshi Monsters web site was opened in 2008.

How long has Moshi Monsters been open?

Moshi Monsters first came about in 2007.

How do you get 100 different Moshi Monsters?

You would have to open 100 different Moshi Monsters member accounts to have 100 different Moshi Monsters.

Can you open a shop on moshi monsters?