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You can open gifts by clicking on the present icon on your room.

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Q: How do you open gifts in Moshi Monsters?
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How do you delete gifts on moshi monsters?

You cannot delete the gifts on Moshi Monsters but you can share the gifts with friends. You can also send gifts to friends.

How do you design gifts on Moshi Monsters?

you can't design gifts on moshi monsters but you can choose different ones at the gift island!

Can you get gifts from members on moshi monsters?

Only Moshi Members can send gifts but everyone can receive them.

How do you earn gifts in moshi monsters?

You do not earn gifts. If you are a member you can send gifts, member or not you can receive gifts.

What is on Gift Island on Moshi Monsters?

On Gift Island is a store where you can buy gifts and give them to other Moshi Monsters. There are piles of gifts all around the island. And you can just see the factory where the gifts are created.

Are there exlucive gifts on moshi monsters?

heck yaeh have u seen the moshi gift pack 5 ecluzive gifts

How do you send stuff on Moshi Monsters?

You can't send 'stuff' on Moshi Monsters, but you can send your friends gifts if you're a member.

What is the code for the free gifts on moshi monsters?

there is now codes

Who has the most gifts on Moshi Monsters?

Some people have more gifts or items than others but there the only people that nessisarily know the person who owns most items on moshi monsters.

When did the website Moshi Monsters open?

The Moshi Monsters web site was opened in 2008.

How long has Moshi Monsters been open?

Moshi Monsters first came about in 2007.

What kind of things can you send to friends on moshi monsters?

Gifts on gifts island nothing else.