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In March 2013 probably

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Q: When will sonic RPG 9 come out on newgrounds?
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Will sonic RPG 9 come out on newgrounds?

Yes in march 2013

Wil sonic RPG eps 9 come out on newgrounds?


When will Sonic RPG 9 come out?

it is in newgrounds on march 2013 which will be soon. If you dont believe me go to newgrounds and type sonic rpg 9 in the search bar then press movie on the right and its there. Go to the trailer of sonic rpg 9. In the end of sonic rpg 9 trailer it will say coming march 2013

When will sonic RPG 9 be on newgrounds cause i just dont know it is on newgrounds but when?

Only in a looong time. I know MidNightMaren and he's working on the Ristar RPG series so sonic rpg will be out on a long time.

Which website is sonic RPG 9?

well i think in newgrounds dot com

How do you find sonic RPG eps 9?

march break or lesser but it has to be in newgrounds.

When is Sonic RPG 9 is coming out?

according to the newgrounds trailer it is coming march 2013.

On newgrounds what do you tipe to play sonic RPG eps 9?

omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u cant its not out yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is sonic RPG 9 out?

My First answer got wrong so I think it will come some day now. By the way my old one is check the trailer in newgrounds.

Is it true on newgrounds there's sonic rpg eps9?

yes,but the game is hard.

When does sonic RPG 9 come out?

you can play it on and search ''sonic rpg'' that's all.

When Sonic RPG Eps 9 will be out?

It will come between april and may so, do not worry.we nearly made it.rpg sonic 9 will have stronger and faster enemies than seelkadoom or reala. I think there will be and rpg sonic 10 and it will have 2 parts.The last part will be the best, longest and most exciting rpg episode.