When will electabuzz evolve?

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Electabuzz will evolve when you have Electabuzz hold the Electirizer and then trade it.

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Q: When will electabuzz evolve?
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Related questions

When does electabuzz evolve?

Have Electabuzz hold a Electirizer and trade it with someone to evolve it into an Electivire.

What does electabuzz evolve into in Pokemon?

Electabuzz can evolve into Electivire, while holding a Electirizer and traded.

Can you evolve an electabuzz with a thunderstone?

Sorry no, the only way to evolve Electabuzz is by link trading it.

How do you evolve electabuzz without trading?

You can't evolve Electabuzz WITHOUT trading.Unless you hack the game.

Where do you find the thing to evolve electabuzz in FireRed?

you cant evolve electabuzz in fire red unfortunutely

What level does electabuzz evolve in soul silver?

Electabuzz does not evolve via level up in SoulSilver.However, if you trade your Electabuzz whilst it is holding an Electerizer (or however you spell it) it will evolve into Electivire.

How do you involve electabuzz?

If you have a electrifier give it to electabuzz then trade it and it will evolve

When does Electabuzz evolve into Electivire?

It evolves when your Electabuzz is holding an Electrizer and is traded.

How do you evolve a electabuzz to a electivire?

To evolve an Electabuzz you must trade it with a friend holding the Electrizer. Then get the friend to trade it back.

Does electabuzz evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

No, Electabuzz can't evolve in Pokemon FireRed version. However, Electabuzz has a pre-evolution, Elekid, which can only be obtained through breeding.

What level will electabuzz evovle?

Electabuzz will not evolve no matter what level it is. To evolve it into an Electivire, you'll need to give it the Electirizer and then trade it.

Does electabuzz evolve by using a thunderstone?

No. In order for your electabuzz to evolve, it needs to hold an item called electrizer whilst trading.

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