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No. In order for your electabuzz to evolve, it needs to hold an item called electrizer whilst trading.

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Q: Does electabuzz evolve by using a thunderstone?
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Can you evolve an electabuzz with a thunderstone?

Sorry no, the only way to evolve Electabuzz is by link trading it.

In Pokemon platinum what Pokemon evolve using a thunderstone stone?

The Pokemon that evolve using a thunderstone are: Pikachu into Raichu Eevee to get a Jolteon

What does Eevee evolve into by using a thunderstone?

Jolteon evolces using a thunderstone but if you give it a fire or a water stone it will evolve into a Flareon or a Vaporeon

When will electabuzz evolve?

Electabuzz will evolve when you have Electabuzz hold the Electirizer and then trade it.

Which pokemon can evolve by using a thunderstone in pokemon emerald?

Pikachu can evolve into a Raichu.

How does Eelektrik evolve in Pokemon X and Y?

You can evolve Eelektrik by using a thunderstone.

Can Pichu be evolved using a thunderstone?

No, Pichu cannot be evolved using a thunderstone. It has to have maximum happiness and be holding a soothe bell to evolve.

Who does the thunderstone work on in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum, the Thunderstone will work on only Pikachu and Eevee. Using the Thunderstone on Pikachu will allow any Pikachu to evolve into a Raichu and using it on Eevee will allow you to evolve into Jolteon.

In sapphire which pokemon evolves using a thunderstone?

Pikachu can evolve into a Raichu.

What Pokemon evolve using a thunderstone in Pokemon white?

Eelektrik - Eelektross

On pokemon diamond what pokemon evolves using a thunderstone?

Two Pokémon evolve using a thunderstone: Pikachu to evolves into a Raichu and Eevee evolves into a Jolteon.

When does volty evolve?

use a thunderstone you get it in the bug catching contest ... it will evolve use a thunderstone on it WILL evolve

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