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Monsters will try to kill you as soon as you are with in 16 blocks range of them, the range may be different for some monsters

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Q: When will Minecraft survival mode monsters kill you?
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Are there monsters in minecraft pocket edition lite creative mode?

Yes, there's monsters in Minecraft P.E. creative mode.

What is survival mode in minecraft?

Survival mode is a mode in minecraft where you have to collect your own blocks, get your own food, and survive! Be careful at night because that's when monsters come out! If a monster attacks you, you will lose your lives and have to start over by losing the blocks you had in your possession. Basically, you have to "survive" on your own without unlimited supplies.

How do you fly in minecraft in survival mode?

To fly in survival mode you need to craft the eye of ender

Is there survival mode in free minecraft?


Do enderman kill you on minecraft if you log off and log back on?

In Minecraft, Endermen are mostly neutral, on both creative and survival mode. But if you try to attack them, they will fight back.

Are there any monsters on creative mode on minecraft?

Yes, monsters appear in creative mode, but do not attack you unless you provoke them.

How do you obtain bones in minecraft pocket edition?

kill a skeleton, be careful they have bows and arrows, in survival with peaceful mode turned off.

What should you get in minecraft survival mode?

There is nothing obligatory about minecraft; there is nothing you should get.

Is there any lava on minecraft survival mode?


Do you have to be in survival mode to use mods in Minecraft?


How do you get tnt on minecraft survival mode?

#$# $#$ #$# # = Gunpowder $ = Sand

How do you enter cheat codes in survival mode minecraft?

You dont, unless you have the single player commands mod. Which i suggest you download. That is, if you want to enter cheat codes in survival mode minecraft.