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# = Gunpowder

$ = Sand

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Q: How do you get tnt on minecraft survival mode?
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How do you blow up tnt on phone minecraft?

On Minecraft Pocket Edition, it is impossible to detonate TNT in creative mode. In survival mode, you have to obtain a flint (from mining gravel) and iron (from iron ore) and create flint and steel. You then have to create the TNT and lay it down. Then just tap the TNT with the flint and steel.

What is the strongest material in Minecraft?

The strongest material in the survival mode of Minecraft seems to be obsidian. It cannot be blown up by TNT or creepers, and can only be harvested by a diamond pickaxe. Another opinion is that bedrock should be considered the strongest material as it cannot be mined at all in survival mode.

Can you blow up obsidian with tnt in minecraft?

In the latest Minecraft, you can.

How do you fly in minecraft in survival mode?

To fly in survival mode you need to craft the eye of ender

Is there survival mode in free minecraft?


What should you get in minecraft survival mode?

There is nothing obligatory about minecraft; there is nothing you should get.

Is there any lava on minecraft survival mode?


Do you have to be in survival mode to use mods in Minecraft?


How do you blow up TNT in minecraft on the Ipad?

you don't To blow up tnt in minecraft on the ipad the player or user must switch to creative mode and double tap the icon which represents the tnt yoou wish to blow up.

Can you blow tnt up on creative mode on minecraft?

no they just had an update where you can get TNT for creative but you can't blow it up it would be fun though

How do you do evil in Minecraft?

That depends, what kind of evil do you want to do and is it on the pocket eddition or the actuall one (computer)? On the pocket eddition the most you can do is blow up a house with TNT on survival mode. On a computer, you can do much more.

How do you blow up TNT in minecraft pocket edition in creative mode on iPod touch?

You cant