When was PS3 created?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was released in 2007 but sony started working on it very soon after the release of the ps2

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Q: When was PS3 created?
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Who created the PS3?


Who created ps3?


Where was the PS3 created?


When was the first PS3 games create?

They were created to go with the November 2006 release of the PS3

Should Pokemon games be for the PS3?

They can't. The ps3 is PlayStation while Pokemon were created by Nintendo.

Can you get oblivion on PS2?

No. It was created for the PS3, xbox360, and the PC.

Who created the Playstation 3 or PS3?

God. No really Sony.

How many players can be created in sims 3?

6 for the PS3.

What made the playstation 3?

The company that created and produces the PS3 is Sony.

Who created Modern Warfare Block Ops?

Black Ops was created by Treyarch for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360

Is god of war 2 on ps2?

Yes and the PS3 also has a version created for it

What is the PS3 and what is its features?

The PS3 is a entertainment console created by Sony. it is designed to play games, watch movies, and access online services such as Netflix. The PS3 also can be used for motion gaming like Wii with PS Move.