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No it is not a PS3 game and will not play on the PS3

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Q: Can you play lma manager 2007 on ps3?
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Will they be a lma manager game for ps3?

No there have been no plans to release LMA Manager on PS3. LMA Manager stopped being released in 2006.

When is lma manager coming out on ps3?

Anyone know ? I'd also like to know when this is coming out on the PS3 - LMA 2008 must be out by now somewhere ??they are bringing one out for the 2011 season.

Is lma manager 2009 out for the ps3?

Not under that title try the related link to see if you can find a different title

Is there going to be a lma manager 2010?

Codemasters discontinued the LMA Franchise in 2007. The Codemasters LMA forum has speculated another release for 2011 however the likeliness on another LMA game being released is very slim. There is currently an LMA Manager PSP Mini that was released early this year. The game also works on he PS3. However it is a cut down version of the game and is not fully licensed, therefore players names and team names are not 100% correct (much like PES). Recently an internet user called "Benjamanji" started up a petition to try and bring back LMA Manager. You can sign the petition here: its just wrong to stop lma because it was the best manager game there was ,,they should bring it back soon as ,,it was my chill out game and am gutted :(

Is there going to be an lma manager2008?

LMA are no longer making anymore LMA for PS2, however there is a new LMA for Xbox 360 and PS3 it will be released in jan. 2009

Any manager games on PS3?

Nah don't think so mate. they all seem to be coming onto PC this year. I wish there was a LMA manager 2009

How do you play 3.60 games on 3.55 CFW PS3 with Gaia Manager?

not yet

If you know how to play hornswoggle for psp or ps3 or ps2 please tell me?

you can only use him as a manager

How can you play ps2 games on the ps3 system?

Most PS3 can not. The early 4 USB port PS3 systems made in 2006 and 2007 could play some titles for the PS2 games

How can you play as hornswoggle in WWE smack down vs raw 2009 for PS3?

No you can't. He is a non-playable manager

Can a 138 KB ps2 game play on a ps3?

It has nothing to do with the size game PS3 do not play PS2 games unless it is an old PS3 with the Four USB ports included in the first models released in 2006 and 2007

Can xboxgames play in PS3?

a PS3 can Play PS3 Games