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The Ice Rink is always there on December,19 to Feburary

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Q: When is the ice rink on club penguin coming?
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Where is the ice rink on Club Penguin?

the ice rink in club penguin is on the snow forts but sometimes they turn it into a football stadium.

Will the ice rink come back to Club Penguin?


Where is the pink puffle on club penguin ds?

the ice rink.

Where is the food stand in club penguin?

At the Stadium/ Ice Rink

How do you break the thick ice at the ice rink on club penguin?

simple you cant

Where do you play ice hockey in club penguin?

In clubpenguin you need to play in the ice rink

Where is the food booth on club penguin?

There is a food booth at the ice rink

What are you celebrating on club penguin at the ice rink?

to cheer for your favoarite team

Where are the pictures for EPF mission 1 club penguin 2011?

Ice rink

How do you find the rink in club penguin?

you go on map and you find ice rink but it might of changed into a football pitch now :/

On club penguin which room does not have music?

The pet shop and the ice rink and the ski mountain.

Club penguin elite penguin force the missing scarf?

The owner is in the Ice rink and you need to use your Blue Puffle to score a goal in the ice rink for some reason Hope This Helped!