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There isn't a date for the Arceus Event in Pokemon HeartGold (unless you mean the event where you get Arceus).

When you send over any Arceus into your HeartGold game, the event is activated. You'll have to go to the Ruins of Alph in order to do the event.

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Q: When is the Arceus event in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Is Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, you have to get arceus either from an event or from a gameshark cheat :(

Who are the legends in Pokemon HeartGold?

LugiaHo-OhSuicuneEnteiRaikouArticunoZapdosMoltresMewtwoKyogreRayquazaArceus(event)Giratina(arceus event)Dialga(arceus event)Palkia(arceus eventLatias

Can you get ARCUS in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is an event where you can get it from.

Where do you get arceus on pokemon heartgold?

By Event or buy Action Replay

Do you have to have the national pokedex to do the arceus event in Pokemon heartgold?

you cant,there are no more darkrai events in America

Can you catch Arceus on pokemon heartgold?

No, unfortunately, you can't. Unless you use a game shark or action replay. To get Arceus, you have to do a Pokemon special event such as the 12th movie Arceus event. There are rumors that there will eventually be other Arceus event as well.

Where do you get Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

Arceus is an event only pokemon. You need to wait for Nintendo to do a new event where you can get it over WiFi, or hack your game with Action Replay.

Pokemon HeartGold where is Arceus?

pokemon events, or trade the event pokemon from a diamond/pearl/platinum game.

How do you get arceus and Celebi in pokemon heartgold?

Either go to an event, or use an action replay.

How do you get a arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

i heard theres an event for it,but it passed, have to use a code?

Do you have do have wifi to do the arceus event on Pokemon heartgold?

that or u can use the action replay . . . that's what i did

Where is Arceus in HeartGold?

Arceus is not available in HeartGold. Arceus is an event Pokemon, and cannot be found naturally in the wild. You will have to either cheat to get it, trade for it with a friend, or get it from one of your other games through Pal Park.