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CITV are showing Pokemon movie 13 Saturday 6th februrary and first 2 episodes of the new series the next day.

at the end of the second episode it pops up: check it Pokemon black and white continues later this year

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Q: When does the Pokemon Black and white tv series come out on citv?
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When is citv showing Pokemon Black and White?

They are playing the series through now.

When does the Pokemon Black and white series come out on citv?

new Pokemon episodes run fairly late on citv, right now they are still showing episodes from Pokemon D|P battle dimension and have just started Pokemon D/P galactic battles episodes and on cartoon nework they are doing D/P sinnoh league victors, in the U.S however they have already started the Pokemon black and white series on the U.S cartoon network. So I reckon it might be a while before Pokemon black and white series is aired on citv, so if you can't wait till then you can watch the U.S Pokemon black and white episodes on youtube.

When is Pokemon Zoroark master of illusions going to be on citv?

it airs 2/5/11

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When is Pokemon galactic battles going tobe on citv?

Now if you go on 72 (Action stations) in the morning at 8 o clock it will be Pokemon galactic battles instead of Pokemon battle frontier!

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CITV-DT was created on 1974-09-01.

When did It's a Mystery - CITV - end?

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