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The fist Force Unleashed took place in 3 BBY (3 years before the Battle of Yavin)

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Q: When does star wars force unleashed take place in?
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How do you take down the ship on Star Wars the force unleashed?

You have to be amazing

Is count dooku in Star Wars the force unleashed game?

No. The two games take place after the events of Reveng during which Anakin Skywalker beheads him.

How many gb will it take to download the full version of stars wars force unleashed on the Xbox 360?

you can't download Star Wars: Force Unleashed from xbox live market place, only the demo, and even if you could it would say before downloading it.

Can you get Jar Jar Binks on star wars force unleashed?

No you can't. Take it from someone who plays the game nonstop

In Star Wars the force unleashed what are unstable lightsabers?

They are lightsaber best out of that colour, no change in damage, but they have more of a glow on them, take a look, you'll notice the difference.

Is there going to be a starwars the force unleashed 3?

yes there is as of it been left open at the end seen if u took the good side of the force it has been left open because u save Vader if u take the dark side u kill him but either way there is going to be a third

When you put star wars the force unleashed 2 into your Wii it came up as the first one with all of its save data what do you do?

This was a very common thing that happened to wii game star wars force unleashed 2 I had the same problem you need to put the first one in then take the power plug out and wait for about 15-20 seconds then put the plug back in then turn it on go to main scene of game then exit finally put the new force unleashed in then problem solved if this does not work try it again and wait a little longer if it still doesn't work than call Nintendo Wii Customer Support Team

How do you finish the story on Star Wars force unleashed as a Sith or Jedi?

walk forwards to be a jedi by take the fight with the emperor and jump to the bottom for sith by finishing off Darth Vader. What about on the Ultimate Sith Edition? Can you still choose the Jedi ending?

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force is not a think it is only in star wars

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in space.

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