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November 18th ps2 and wii versions, there is also a video about it on YouTube

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Q: When does sonic unleashed come out on playstation 2?
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Why sonic doesn't look real in sonic unleashed on Playstation 2?

No offence but this question makes no sense what so ever.

What sonic games will come out in 2011?

sonic adventure 3? sonic unleashed 2? or sonic heroes 2?

Which was the first Sonic video game to come out for the PlayStation 2?

The first Sonic game to come out for the PlayStation 2 was Sonic Heroes. It came out January 24, 2004.

Why sonic doesn t look real in sonic unleashed on PlayStation 2?

Sonic Unleashed really pushes the graphics limit on the PS2. The game was made in 2008 and the system was made in 2000, an eight years difference is huge when it comes to graphics.

Why is Sonic Unleashed the final Sonic the Hedgehog game released for the PlayStation 2?

Since the PS3 has been released, the PS2 is close to being considered obsolete.

Will a sonic unleashed 2 come out?

Not proven so, but most likely no, as it was just a one timer with Sonic as a werehog, I do think it is canon but, there will not be a direct Sonic Unleashed sequel. Cross your fingers that once Sonic 4 is done they will make a Sonic game with similar styles to Unleashed.

Is Sega going to make a sonic unleashed 2?

No Sonic Unleashed was a one time game that will not have a sequel.

Will Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ever come to PlayStation 2?

I don't know but probaly not

Is shadow in sonic unleashed?

No, Shadow is not in Sonic Unleashed.

Is king Cesar in Godzilla unleashed for playstation 2?

No he was not in the ps2 version of Godzilla unleashed

Is there going to be a sonic unleashed 2?

Probably not.

If Sonic heroes 2 is coming out on playstation 2?

There is no sonic heroes 2.