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Shuckle doesn't evolve unfortenetaly...

It would be cool though...

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Q: When does shuckie evolve in soul silver?
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Does shuckie evolve?

No, shuckie is a shuckle and shukles can't evolve.

Can you return Shuckie to Kirk in soul silver?

Yes you can after team rocket is gone you go back to kirk and he'll say he wants it back

Does hitmonlee in soul silver evolve?

no hitmonlee does not evolve

In soul silver what does dunsparce evolve to?

Dunsparce does not evolve.

How do you evolve magneton in soul silver?

You can't evolve magneton in soul silver. You can only evolve it by trading it back to Diamond or Pearl and training it at Mt. Coronet.

Does ledian evolve in soul silver?


How does luvdisc evolve in soul silver?

Luvdisc does not evolve from, or into anything.

Silver what does shuckle evolve into on Pokemon soul silver?

Actually....Shuckle doesn't evolve at all

What level does Spiritomb evolve in soul silver?

Spiritomb doesn't evolve.

What level does lombre evolve in soul silver?

you have to evolve it with a water stone

What level does donphan evolve in soul silver?

Donphan doesn't evolve.

How do you evolve flaafy in soul silver?

It has to be lvl30.