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He evolves at lv.21 he evolves at lv.21in every other game too after gastly evolves into haunter trade him to make him evolve into gengar.

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Q: When does gasley evovle in Soul Silver?
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How do you evovle golbat in Pokemon soul silver?

it will evovle at level forty-five

Does golduck evovle in soul silver?

Golduck does not evolve in any Pokemon game to date, including Soul Silver.

What level does gabon evovle on Pokemon soul silver?

over 9,000

What level does aron evovle in Pokemon soul silver?

Aron evolves into a Lairon at level 32.

What level does snubbull evovle in Pokemon soul silver?

level up snubull to level 23

How do you evovle shymin In Pokemon Soul Silver?

you have to give it a gracidea from the flower shop in goldenrod city.

What level does eevee evovle to umbreion in soul silver?

it levels up at night ad with happniess it will evole sae for espo ust in day :)

When does haunter evolve in Pokemon silver version?

You have to trade it to an other game for it to evovle.

Where is Espeon in Pokemon Silver?

evovle by makeing eevee happy & level up at morning

Where is rock tunnel in soul silver?

in soul silver

Which of these is the real game that's coming out Pure Silver or Silver Soul?

Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

Where is enthrix city in soul silver?

no such thing not in soul silver