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dragonair evolves at level55 into dragonite bonus information... if u put a gyrados and dratini dragonair or dragonite at the day care at island 4 u get a dratini egg also u get mewtwo at the cerulan cave once u defeated the Pokemon league and get the ruby and sapphire stone to celio. to get ruby its at mount ember where the rockets are and sapphire is in six island at braille cave use cut to enter once u go to get it a scientist will steal it and try to sell it to team rocket. he willl tell u the second password to get inside the warehouse on island five first u get at mount ember first is goldeen need log and the second is yes nah chansey.
Dragonair will evolve at level 55.

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Q: When does dragonair evolve into Dragonite in Pokemon leaf green?
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How do you evolve dragonair into Dragonite on Pokemon platinum?

why ow why do you people by these games if you don't know how to play them!ok the answer is simple dragon air evolves into dragonite at level52 gottit and beleave me i have Pokemon pearl,diamond,emerald,platinum,red,blue,green,cyrstal and gold.Crystal not Cyrstal ...

When does dratini evolve into a dragonair in Pokemon leaf green?

Answer:@ level 55

Where you can catch Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can catch Drgonair in the Safari Zone in the water, with a super rod, but it will only have about 1/200 chace of it apearing and it usualy runs away; or you can catch a dratini in the same area with a higher catch and apearence rate. or buy it at the Celedon game corner for 4600 coins and levle Dratini up to 30 then it will evolve into Dragonair and at level 55 it will evolve again to a Dragonite. hope this helps ^_^

Where can you find dragonair on Pokemon Ruby?

If you use a Super Rod in the Safari Zone, you'll find a Dragonair if you're really lucky. Even if you manage to find a Dragonair, it could just run away. You could get a Dratini in the Pokemon Game Corner in Celadon City for about 1800 coins. Level it up to about level 30 and it will evolve into a powerful Dragonair.I was just fishing ad i found a lv 34 Dragonair and it would not run away at all until i threw baitin the safari zone with a super rod

In Pokemon leaf green How do you evolve Pokemon if Pokemon is higher lv than evolve lv?

if you get a Pokemon that is higher than it's evolved level, say, a level 65 dragonair that evolves at level 55 (true) and you catch it in the wild. just level it up one and it will evolve.

Who is better Dragonite or aerodactyl in Pokemon leaf green?

The stats say dragonite apart from speed

How do you get dragonair in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to trade from Fire red or leaf green.

How do you get dratini?

go to celadon city in leaf green and go to the games corner and get 4600 coins and exchage them for a dratini then evolve it if u want to a dragonair then to dragonite ;) Fire Red: You can also get a Dratini by going the Fuchsia City Safari Zone. I would recommend a super rod.

How do you evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon lake?

go to pokemon box, find the pokemon you want to evolve and click the green button that says evolve

What does the Pokemon kaputo evolve into on Pokemon Green?


How does aerodactyl evolve in Pokemon Green leaf?

Aerodactyl does not evolve.

Where do you find dragonair in the safari zone in Pokemon leaf green?

you can't get dragonair in the safari zone but go fishing with a good or super rod in any water until you find dratini the first form of dragonair