When does ash meet dawn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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after they defeated team rocket ash walked up to dawn and introduced himself.

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Q: When does ash meet dawn?
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Where does ash meet dawn?

somewhere in Twinleaf town

What season does ash meet dawn?

Season 4

Who does ash meet dawn or may first?

ash meets dawn in Pokemon platinum.Pokemon pearl and the Pokemon diamond series

In Pokemon US do ask and Dawn meet?

Yes.... And don't you mean Ash?

How does Ash Ketchum meet Dawn?

One day, Ash got his head stuck in a pipe [what an idiot] and Dawn ripped his head out and Pikachu thought Dawn was a Pancake [again, what an idiot] and chased her in an attempt to eat her.

Will spongebob meet ash and dawn?

Never <--- So true... ~ What kind of question is that (by the way)?

How did dawn meet ash?

Pikachu runs away from Ash and Dawn finds him and tries to capture him but ash comes and I don't know the rest sorry! :P

Are dawn and ash planing to get married?

no ash and dawn do not planing to get married ash and may planing to get married not ash and dawn or ash and misty

In what episode does ash leaves dawn?

I think he saved her on Pokemon movie rise of darkai or arceus jewel of life

Whoe's dawn's real boyfriend in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Dawn's boyfriend is Ash. Dawn doesn't want to tell him but ash knows. In the movie Pokemon Jiratchi wish maker Ash says he misses a friend very much and started to cry. Ash was talking to Max at that moment. Max left Ash alone. Ash was talking about Dawn. Dawn likes Ash because Ash is amazing at traing his Pokemon so Dawn works hard to make Ash proud but Ash knows Dawn fancies him so that is why he fancies her. Brock is jeulos. Ash and Dawn have a bright future.

Will Dawn be with Ash and Brock in Isshu?

dawn will not be with ash and the same goes with brock

Dose ash think dawn is a hottie?

Yes, maybe but ash thinks misty is beautiful in her kimono, but dawn is nicer to ash, so yes ash thinks dawn is a hottie.