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Season 1 Episode 29 "The Punchy Pokemon!" ash meets hitmonchan and his trainer and enters the competition

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Q: When does ash in Pokemon uses primeape in a competition?
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What episode of Pokemon does ash let go primape?

Ash gives away his Primeape in the episode that's called "The Punchy Pokémon."

What are all the Pokemon that ash catches in the first season of Pokemon?

pikachu, bulbasaur, krabby, 30 tauros, charmander, squirtle, pidgeotto, primeape, caterpie

What Pokemon stole ash's hat?

A wild Mankey that Ash tried to catch stole his hat. However, less than one episode later it evolved into a Primeape.

What episode of Pokemon does hitmonlee fight with hitmonchan?

Episode 29, the Punchy Pokemon, has a match between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan (featuring Anthony, and Ash gives his Primeape to him).

Does ash ever see primeape again?

Probably, when ash leaves primape in the episode "The Punchy Pokemon" The narrator says maybe they'll meet up again someday.

How many Pokemon ash has?

Ash uses many different Pokemon throughout the course of the Pokemon anime. As of 2014, he has 4 Pokemon in his party.

Which episode of Pokemon does ash challenge the battle pyramid and uses torcoal?

ash uses torkal at the battle pyrimad in episode 461

What episodes does ash get mankey?

He gets it in the episode "Primeape Goes Bananas." And he didn't catch a Mankey; while he first encountered it as one, he caught it after it evolved into Primeape.

At what level does mankey evolve?

Mankey is a Fighting type first generation Pokemon. It evolves into its final form of Primeape at level 28 and was one of Ash's first Pokemon on the TV show.

Will ash get his primape back?

i think so because in the theme song pokemon best wishes 2 it shows his primeape gliscor and charizard but it doesnt show pideot so it is most likely

What Pokemon is used by ash?

he uses all types of pokemons he doesnt have a specific pokemon except for his pikschu he always has him

What is Ash Ketcham's Pokemon?

Well, it depends on what region he's in. If you're talking about the Kanto region, his team is Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Raticate, Primeape, haunter, Lapras, Kingler, Muk, and Snorlax.