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After you care for it a couple of times. Then it grows up.

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2010-10-18 00:50:13
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Q: When does a foal grow up on Petz Horsez 2 for Ds?
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How do you get your foal to lay down on petz horsez 2 ds?

draw a C.

How do you train your foal on petz horsez 2 ds?

you train your foal by having him jump with a rope and trot with a rope

Is there a code for Petz horsez 2 on Nintendo DS?

No. There is not any code.

Horses codes for petz horsez 2?

Petz: Horsez 2 is a game that can be played on Nintendo DS or on the Wii. Codes can be found by doing a search online.

On petz horsez for DS how do you cure a foul without sending it to sally?

Buy medacine at the shop

How many horses can you have on petz horsez 2?

6 horses you can have 3 foals and 3 horses (ds)

Petz Horsez 2?

it`s a game where you take care of horses and things..... there are ds wii computer for that game

Are there any codes for horsez on the ds?

Yes, there is! You go on to the vet clinic in your town and you enter the code<WNJULFCROACDIILHM>, to get a free horse, and <ETFPOCPAJHATFP> for a free foal!

How do you feed you horse on Petz horsez 2?

you have to walk to the horses trough and it will pop up saying feed or something like that. this is the PC version not DS or anything else

What to do after beating the game in Horsez DS?

just keep playing for fun :)

What animal ds games are there?

There are loads. Some of my personal favourites are: Animal Crossing Sims Animals Wild Horses Nintendogs Some others are: Animal Paradise Petz My Horse and Me Spore Creatures Pets Horsez /Dolphinz /catz /Dogz /Hamsterz Horse Life Zoo Tycoon for DS Purr Pals.

Ds petz dog pack cheats?


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