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When you get a shiny stone... Give him/her a shiny stone

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Q: When does Roselia evolve in Pokemon diamond?
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What does budew evolve into on pokemon diamond?


How do you get rosearade on Pokemon diamond?

catch a Roselia then evolve it with a leaf stone.

What does budew evolve into on pearl?

it evolves into Roselia same thing on Pokemon diamond

How does rosalia evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

Roselia only evolves in Pokemon platinum, diamond, and pearl Roselia evolves into roserade if you use a sun stone on it

What is shiny stone used for in Pokemon diamond?

the shiny stone is used to evolve Togetic and Roselia.

When does Roselia evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

I don't think Roselia evolves in Pokemon Sapphire, but i do know that it evolves in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. If I'm wrong please do tell ASAP. Thank You.

When does Roselia evolve in Pokemen XD?

Roselia doesn't evolve in XD, only in Diamond and Pearl.

What level does Roselia evolve in Pokemon pearl?

You need a Shiny Stone to evolve Roselia into Roserade.

What Pokemon can you evolve from a shiny stone?

you can evolve Roselia

How do you evolve Roselia in Pokemon?

Roselia evolves into roserade with a shiny stone.

What level does rose evolve at in Pokemon diamond?

I think you're referring to Roselia, so it doesn't evolve at any level. You have to use a Shiny Stone on it to make it evolve.

What level do Roselia's evolve?

It differs from Pokemon to Pokemon.