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Roselia evolves into roserade with a shiny stone.

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Q: How do you evolve Roselia in Pokemon?
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What level does Roselia evolve in Pokemon pearl?

You need a Shiny Stone to evolve Roselia into Roserade.

What Pokemon can you evolve from a shiny stone?

you can evolve Roselia

What level do Roselia's evolve?

It differs from Pokemon to Pokemon.

What Pokemon evolve by a shiny stone?

Togetic and Roselia evolve when the shiny stone is used. Togetic evolves into Togekiss and Roselia evolves into Roserade.

What pokemon can use the shiny stone?

Togetic can use it to evolve into Togekiss. And Roselia can use it to evolve into Roserade

What does budew evolve into on pokemon diamond?


What Pokemon does the shineystone evolve?

Roselia and Togetic.

How do you get a rosarade in Pokemon platinum?

Catch a Roselia and evolve it

What pokemon evolve with a shinystone?

Roselia, Togetic, Mincinno.

What levein will Roselia evolve in Pokemon crater?

It won't evolve unless you have a shiny stone and use it on Roselia If im wrong sorry.

When does Roselia evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

in order to evolve Roselia you have to use a sun stone on it You use a shiny stone, not a sun stone.

What Pokemon evolve with a shniy stone?

the Pokemon roserade (evolution of Roselia and Budew) evolve with shiny stone.