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Iron Thorn Z Pokemon Questions HelperAnswer: Rampardos learns Head Smash at level 53. Hope That Helped!

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Q: When does Rampardos learn head smash?
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When does Rampardos learn head smash in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokémon Pearl, Rampardos learns Head Smash at Level 52.

What level does Rampardos learn Head Smash in Platinum?

Level 52

What level does luxray learn head smash?

There is no move called head smash.

Does rampardos learn earthquake?

Yes, Rampardos can learn Earthquake by leveling up. It learns Earthquake at level 58.

Can cranidos learn head smash?


What are the best moves for rampardos?

it learns zen headbutt when it turns level 36

Can armaldo in Pokemon HeartGold learn head smash?


Which is better bastiodon or rhampardos?

rampardos is well better than batiodon.batiodon is a big steel head that is useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What level does cranidos evolve at?

Cranidos evolves into Rampardos at lvl 30. You can find Cranidos on Pokemon Diamond and Platinum exsclusively. Rampardos Reccomended Moveset Zen Headbutt (lvl 36) Head Smash (lvl 52) Headbutt (Start)/Ancient Power (lvl 28) Hammer Arm (Breeding*)/Iron Head (Move Tutor**) *Breed female Rampardos/Cranidos with either Rhydon, Rhyperior or Swampert that know the move! **Iron Head - Platinum in Survival Area/ Heart Gold, Soul Silver Battle Frontier 40 bp! All in all, Rampardos is an amazing Pokemon with great attack and defense stats, and is excellent for defeating the elite 4.

Can you teach rampardos Outrage Or Iron Head Without Using AR?

i doubt it

Can whismer learn rock smash in Pokemon ruby?

No, it cannot learn Rock Smash.

How does rampardos learn hammer arm pokemon diamond?

Rampardos learns Hammer Arm as an Egg Move, which the father would need the move Hammer Arm in his move pool to pass down to the Cranidos.