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well i saw him in the air at 7.00 am or at 6.00 pm, i have been playing for 7 months and i have missed him once, animal crossing

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Q: When does Pete come on Animal Crossing wild world?
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What time does pete come on animal crossing?

Pete comes at 9am and 5pm.

Does skipper t come to Animal Crossing wild world?

after going through alot of lists i can surely say he does not come to animal crossing wild world but i dont know about the other animal crossings...

On animal crossing wild world does shampoodle come with nookingtons?


Which day does whisp come on Animal Crossing wild world on Nintendo ds?

Whisp is not on the Animal Crossing Wild World game. He is on the Wii version and Gamecube version.

If a animal leaves can it come back to the same town in animal crossing wild world?

yeah it can

What are all the titles of Animal Crossings?

There is: Animal Crossing: City Folk [Wii] Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City [FOR EUROPE] [Wii] Animal Crossing: Wild World [DS] Animal Crossing [Gamecube] Animal Forest [+E64, probably gamecube.] Animal Crossing: 3DS [Will come out in 2012] [3DS]

When does wendlle the come on Animal Crossing wild world?

It's completely random when he'll come.

When do scorpions come out animal crossing wild world?

Scorpions come out July-September at night.

When did Animal Crossing Wild World come out?

Animal Crossing Wild World has already been released. ;D

Can you make a certain neighbor come to your town in Animal Crossing Wild World?


When do rainbows come out on animal crossing wild world?

They appear after it stops raining.

Does Jack come in Animal Crossing Wild World ds?

no... although i wish he did