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For now, it is... what is the word... delayed!

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Q: When does Nancy drew game ship of shadows release?
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Is the Nancy drew game ship of shadows a dossier PC game?

No it has not come out yet. The company has put that game on hol

Is there a game like Nancy drew?

There was a Nancy Drew party game (board) and are Nancy Drew computer games.

What is the unlock code for Nancy Drew game?

Which Nancy Drew game? To answer your question, go to

When does the next Nancy drew game come out?

it also matters what Nancy drew game is next. 20 is Ransom of the Seven ships. 21 is Warnings at Waverly Academy. 22 is Trail of the Twister. 23 is Shadows at the waters edge. 24 is not out yet, but is The Captive Curse! Hoped this helped!

When does the next Nancy drew?

The next Nancy Drew computer game, Trail of a Twister [TOT], is scheduled to come out sometime in Summer 2010 [June/July]. It doesn't have a specific date yet, but I'm told Ship of Shadows [SOS] of the Nancy Drew Dossier Series may come out a couple months before TOT.

What is the newest Nancy drew computer game?

The last Nancy Drew game released was #21-Warnings at Waverly Academy [WAC].

What is the next Nancy drew computer game?

The next Nancy Drew game is The Captive Curse! Coming out around April or May.

When does the Nancy Drew gameThe Deadly Device come out?

They normally release their fall game in mid october

What are the release dates for The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries - 1977 Game Plan 3-9?

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries - 1977 Game Plan 3-9 was released on: USA: 3 December 1978

How often does Nancy drew release a new game?

The games usually come out ranging from June, July, and October.

What is the first Nancy drew computer game?

the first Nancy drew game is Secrets Can was made by her interactive .Her interactive recently remastered this game. to play it go to

What book is the game Nancy Drew Ghost of Thornton Hall based on?

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (Nancy Drew #25 OS)