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Magneton can only learn Tri Attack through the Move Relearner in Pastoria City in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

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Q: When does Magneton learn Tri Attack?
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What pokemon can learn Tri attack?

dodrio (evolution of doduo) and magneton (evo of magnemite)

What is the best level to evolve magneton?

There is no best level to evolve Magneton into Magnezone as long as it knows Tri Attack before you evolve it if you want it to know Tri Attack because Magnezone cannot learn Tri Attack in any way because other than Magneton learning Tri Attack via the Move Re-learner, their move pools are exactly the same except for a Move Tutor being able to teach Magnezone the Iron Head attack which is a move that Magneton cannot learn.

When does dodrio learn tri attack?

Level 21

When does Porygon z learn tri attack?

I don't know soz

Does doduo learn tri attack when it evolves?

yes, when it evolves into dodrio.

How do you use duo attack?

In Pokemon I've never heard of that attack Could you mean: Double Kick or Tri attack. If you mean Tri-attack the well: Tri Attack does damage, and has a 20% chance of either paralyzing, freezing or burning the target. Each ailment has a 6.67% chance of being inflicted. The Pokemon that learn it is: Duduo, Dodrio, and all the Porygons! So i think you meant Tri attack.

How do you get the TM tri-attack on Pokemon HeartGold?

its not a TM but dodtrio can learn it by leveling up.

Does zwelios learn triattack when it evolves?

No, Zwelious is not capable of learning Tri Attack once it evolves into a Hydreigon.

What moves does Magneton learn and when in Pokemon LeafGreen?

he can learn zap cannon

When does magneton learn thunderbolt?

It can't learn by itself. Give it the tm.

What level does magneton learn zap cannon?

i think magneton learns zap cannon at level 53 or 57

How do you learn zap cannon?

Magneton learns it at lv. 62.