When does Lombre learn hydro pump?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lombre learns Fake Out at level 19, Fury Swipes at level 25, Water Sport at level 31, Thief at level 37, Uproar at level 43, and Hydro Pump at level 49. And I don't think the other learns any moves in EXP

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Q: When does Lombre learn hydro pump?
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When does lombre learn water gun?

Lombre does not learn Water Gun,but does learn Hydro Pump

What moves do lombre learn?

its best one is hydro pump

When does ludicolo learn hydro pump on Pokemon ruby?

To my knowledge Ludicolo does not learn Hydropump, however, Lombre learns hydropump at level 49.

What moves can lombre learn?

it can learn a range of different moves it's best one is hydro pump and to evolve it into a ludiclolo you will need a water stone.

What moves does lombre learn in emerald?

Absorb, fake out bubblebeam, hydro pump, just general water/ grass/ normal moves

At what level does Ludicolo learns hydro pump?

He does not. but Lombre does in level 49

In Pokemon emerald i want to evolve my Lombre into a Ludicolo sooner for higher stats but it will learn hydro pump at level 49 as a Lombre but it cant learn it at all as a Ludicolo so i want to know?

cont....if there is a way i can get it to learn hydropump as a Ludicolo??? i need a quick answer.

How does surskit learn hydro pump?

You have to get a female Masquerain, and a male Pokemon that learns Hydro Pump and is in the Water1 egg group. (Example: Lombre or Swampert) Put both Pokemon in the Day-Care center then, you might find a Surskit egg. If, you do get an egg, then hatch it (by walking for a long time), then you will notice that your Surskit learns Hydro Pump. (By the way, this is the only way Surskit will learn hydro pump.)

Is lombre a good pokemon?

It doesent learn a water type move until level 49, wich is hydro pump. But his evolotion ludicolo is quite a good pokemon. NOTE THIS: If you evolve lombre before level 49, ludicolo wont learn hydro pump. But still, lombre and ludicolo can learn many water type tm and hm's. You cant get a water stone to evolve lombre until you have gotten dive, wich is after you have beaten the seventh gym. But i could totally recommend it. I have used it before on my team, and i didn't have any problems with it.

When will floatzel learn hydro pump?

Floatzel cannot learn Hydro Pump.

When does Qaugsire learn hydro pump?

Quagsire cannot learn Hydro Pump.

Can dragonite learn hydro pump?

No, Dragonite cannot learn Hydro Pump.