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Lv 39

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2009-01-18 17:49:36
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Q: When does Crobat learn poison fang?
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What moves does Crobat learn in Pokemon diamond?

Crobat learns Cross Poison, Screech, Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Mean Look, Poison Fang, Haze, and Air Slash.

What level does Nidorina learn Poison Fang?

It learns Poison Fang at level 58.

What Pokemon can learn ice fire thunder poison fang?

Drapion can learn thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang and poison fang Drapion learns thunder, fire and ice fang at the start, you just need some heart scales It learns poison fang at level 39

What moves does Crobat learn?

cross poison , wing attck, poiskn fang, air cutter, haze, mean look, confuse ray. that's all i remember hope i helped

What moves can Crobat learn?

Poison fang ,Fly ,Bite ,Leech life ,Mean look ,Air slash ,Thief ,Dark pulse , Thats all i know Thanks ((*)) &@ <3

When does crobat learn cross poison?

it's simple, use a heart scale on a crobat higher than lvl 10. easy!

Crobat is what type of Pokemon?

Crobat is a Poison and Flying type pokemon.

What moves can Crobat learn in sapphire?

cross poison,screech,leech life,supersonic,astonish,bite,wing attack,confuse ray,air cutter,mean look,acrobatics,poison fang,haze,and air slash... all this is learnt level-wise.

What moves does drapion learn in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum, the moves that Drapion can learn via level up are Leer, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Sting, Bite, Pin Missile, Crunch, Acupressure, Scary Face, Knock Off, Poison Fang, Cross Poison and Toxic Spikes.

How does mightyena learn Poison Fang in Pokemon emerald?

i want to know the same thing too !

What level does NidoKing learn Poison Fang?

It doesnt unless you have a TM or in exchange for coloured shards

What is the national pokedex number for Crobat?

Crobat is #169 in the national pokedex, and it is a Poison-Flying type Pokemon.

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