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Blastoise will learn the move Hydro Pump when it reaches level 60

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Q: When does Blastoise learn hydro pump in fire red version?
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How come Blastoise cant learn hydro pump in fire red?

he will. Blastoise will learn hydro pump in level 44 i think.

How does Blastoise learn hydro cannon in fire red?

go to the top of 2 island and make sure blastoise is first in your party then go in the womans house talk to her and she will teach blastoise hydro cannon

How do you get hydro cannon for Blastoise in leaf geen?

you can only learn Hydro cannon, Frenzy plant and the fire move from weirdo old people, there is no TMs for those moves

What level does Blastoise learn hydro pump on Pokemon blue rescue team?

Lvl. 46 in blue/red/yellow Lvl. 49 in fire red/leaf green/ruby/sapphire/emerald And not sure about the rest... Hope this helped

What moves does Blastoise learn in Pokemon fire red?

In Pokémon FireRed, Blastoise learns the following moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw, Watergun, Bite, Rapid Spin, Protect, Rain Dance, Skull Bash and Hydro Pump.

What level does Blastoise learn skull bash in fire red?

lvl 55

Where is the TM hydro pump for Blastoise in Pokemon fire red or leaf green?

Pretty sure there is no TM for it, but if I'm wrong, Blastoise learns this move later on anyway, in the level 70 region I think.

What games can you get Blastoise?

for gameboy: blue version, red version, green version (japan only), for gameboy advance: fire red version, leaf green version

Who can you get out of the legendary dogs with Blastoise on Pokemon fire red?

you can get raikou for choosing blastoise.

Can arcainine learn moves on red version?

of course he can learn moves. he can learn the strongest move of fire types, the fire blast.

Can Charizard learn fly in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokémon Yellow, Blastoise's only level-up moves would be Skull Bash and Hydro Pump. It would learn Skull Bash at Level 42 and it would learn its last level-up move at Level 52 which is the Hydro Pump attack.

If you train your starters to love you they learn a special move and what are they for fire red?

If you do train your starters very well you can teach each one a very powerful move for venusaur its frenzy plant, for chairizard its blast burn, for blastoise its hydro cannon all of these moves are extremely powerful and can only be learned by the starters.