When does Abra learn a new move?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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when it evolves (lv.16 )(Confusion)

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Q: When does Abra learn a new move?
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Does Abra learn a new move before evolving?

No, it doesn't sadly. Until level 16 (When it evolves)does it learn a new move. The new move Abra learns is Confusion after it evolves.

What level does Abra learn a new move?

The only move that Abra can learn is teleport, however you can teach him TMs. When it evolves in Kadabra at level 16, it learns its first move: Confusion.

What move does Abra learn inpearl?

Abra only ever learns Teleport.

When does Abra learn its first attack move?

Abra doesn't learn any attack moves until it evolves at level 16 into Kadabra when it learns Confusion. You can teach Abra some TM's if you need it to learn an attack move sooner.

What level does Abra learn a second move in Pokemon emerald?

Abra doesn't learn any other moves, but when it evolves into Kadabra at level 16 it learns Confusion.

What level does Abra learn new moves on Pokemon crystal?

It only learns the move TELEPORT at level 1, but it is able to learn hm/tm's. It evolves into KADABRA at level 16 when it learns the move CONFUSION.

When Abra in Pokemon Green Leaf will get new power?

Abra cannot, however once it evolves into kadabra at lev. 16 it will learn "confusion".

Can Abra learn rock smash?

Abra cannot learn Rock Smash. Abra can learn some TMs which help a lot as it doesn't learn any attack moves by itself until it evolves.

What level does Abra learn confusion?

Abra doesn't learn any moves apart from Teleport, but Kadabra learns Confusion when at Lv 16 (when Abra evolves)

What moves can Abra learn?

Abra cannot learn any new moves on the base of levelling up but i know that it can learn an insanely huge range of moves by the use of TM's. My Abra knows Return (TM) And now that I walked about 30, 000 steps with it, it' stronger than my starter. Sorry for any disappointment

Can Abra learn flash?


What level does Abra evolved?

Abra evolves at level 16 and after the evolution it learns the Psychic move Confusion.