When did the first xbox come out?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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November 15 2001

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Q: When did the first xbox come out?
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Why was first strike on xbox first?

Because Activision signed a 3 year deal with Microsoft that Map Packs will come out for Xbox 360 first.

Does left 4 dead 2 come in the xbox box?

Yes Xbox 360 and the PC, but not the old Xbox, but then either did the first game

Which one was first to come out xbo360 or ps3?

Xbox came out in 2005 and the PS3 did not come out until 2006

When you buy Xbox Onedoes kinect come with it?

At first it used to now you have a option

When will Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm come out for xbox 360?

it already has caus if ultimate ninja storm 2 is on xbox 360 then the first one has to be.........

Did Skyrim dlc already come out for xbox 360?

Dawnguard , the first DLC expansion, was officially released for the Xbox 360 on June 26th, 2012.

Will there be another Xbox that will come out?

The xbox 720. But im not positive that it will actually come out

Where did Silver the Hedgehog come from?

Silver's first appearance was in sonic the hedgehog 2006 for the xbox 360.

Is deadliest warrior the game for ps2?

it will first come out on xbox 360 then ps3 then probaly the ps2

When did Xbox live come out?

It was first available on the original Xbox in November, 2002.

Why does Treyarch have the map pack come out first on the Xbox 360?

It is Activision that does it because of an agreement with Xbox 360. Treyarch develops the Games and add ons for Activision

Does the Xbox 360 pro come with the 60GB atached to the Xbox 360?

While it does not come attached to it, it does come in the box with it.