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July 7 2000 in Japan and September 19 2000 in the USA. Europe was 10 days later on September 29 2000. It was also known as the PSone and was discontinued on December 31 2004 according to the related link

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Q: When did Playstation 1 slim come out?
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What consoles has Sony made?

PlayStation x PlayStation 1 PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 slim PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 slim Coming soon - PlayStation 4

When did ps2 slim come out?

the playstation 2 black slim edition came out in oct.30 2005

Does a Playstation 3 come with a hard drive?

No. The PlayStation 1 does not come with a hard drive, does not have an expansion bay for one, and no official add-ons provide such functionality.

Which is better fat or slim playstation 2?


What was Sony PlayStations first model?

The playstation started out as a grey box with an "open" button on the bottom right hand side and an "on" button on the other side. The games were very low-graphiced and the playstation dented easily.

what is the difference between the original playstation 3 and the playstation 3 slim?

There is no difference between the playstation 3 and the playstation 3 slim. The slim costs more, but that's only because of the slim design that the parts must fit into. It's like a laptop verses a desktop. The software is the same as well as the hardware, but the slim seems to have more appeal to the consumer.

Can the PlayStation portable Game share With the PlayStation 2 slim?


When was the PlayStation 2 super slim 90001 series released?

The PlayStation 2 super slim 90001 series was released in 2000.

What PlayStation memory cards work best for the PlayStation 2 Slim?

The original Sony 8MB memory cards (for PlayStation 2) work best, but any memory card will work in the PlayStation 2 Slim

What is the PS3 slim console model called?

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

Can PS3 play regular PlayStation games?

yes All PS3 can play Select PlayStation 1 games including the new PS3 slim models

Is modern warfare 2 for PS slim?

Yes, the PlayStation Slim will play any game that the PlayStation 3 will. Including Modern Warfare 2.