When did Minecraft launch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The official release was on November 18, 2011.

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Q: When did Minecraft launch?
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How do you get Minecraft working?

You launch it from wherever you saved it to.

Why can you not launch Minecraft?

You may not have installed it correctly. Just reinstall.

Why is it when you launch Minecraft it fails to launch?

im not sure but if it say outdated laucher try to delete minecraft and then download it again if this doesnt work try to rename it to minecraft.exe or search on youtube

Why is it that every time you try to launch Minecraft you get a black screen?

This means that Minecraft has crashed. Please try and load it again.

When did Minecraft come out on pc?

Minecraft had a 'soft launch' (started as an alpha/beta) some time around 2006, I believe

How do you update minecraft 1.2.5?

Simply launch the game and click "Yes" when it asks you to update.

Minecraft Java Help?

delete both javas and unless you don't have windows 10, re-doanload windows 10again

How can you fix the black screen on Minecraft. i have tried everything. i deleted bin folder and .minecraft. help?

go to minecraft launcher>press options> press force update> press done> press the launch button.

How do you install minecraft baby animals mod?

Below only works if you have Forge installed: 1. Download correct version for your Minecraft. 2. Put it in your "mods" folder. 3. Launch the modded version of Minecraft. 4. Enjoy!

How do you reset your Minecraft?

on the launch page click forceupdate. this will reset the game. this will not deleat your saves. if you want to do that you will have to deleat them manualy.

How do you delete minecraft in-game mod loader?

I'm pretty sure there isn't one, but if you're referring to modloader, just delete your bin folder (/%appdata%/Roaming/minecraft/bin on windows) and force update the next time you launch minecraft.

How can you edit your minecraft world in your muliplyer server that you transferd from singleplayer?

Yes Just go on your server folder look for world (random name) then transfer to .minecraft/worlds launch minecraft you will find the world somewhere in singleplayer zone Select the world run it and you are where you where before. And you can still edit blocks