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minecraft has become very popular since its launch a few years ago. Boys especially love this game because you build your own world, similar to something they might do with LEGO's or Lincoln Logs.

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Q: What are the reviews of Minecraft the game?
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Can the Sony Xperia PLAY play the game Minecraft?

Yes, the Sony ericsson Xperia PLAY 4G is capable of allowing users to play Minecraft. There have been great reviews for this program on the Sony. Enjoy your game!

Where can you get the Minecraft Wii game?

There is no Minecraft game for Wii.

Is Minecraft cancelled?

minecraft is a game

Is Minecraft a DS game or a DSI game?

Minecraft WAS going to be on the 3DS but they didn't but they made an app called Minecraft Pocket Edition for phones.

What was minecraft's first name?

minecraft's first name is cave game

Is Minecraft a retail game?

Minecraft is not a retail game. It is only available to be downloaded through or played on the Minecraft website.

Is pixelmon on computer free.?

Well, you need the game 'minecraft' which does cost money. Pixelmon is just a mod for the game 'Minecraft'.

Who called the game Minecraft Minecraft?

Markus Persson, or Notch, was the original creator of Minecraft, therefore it was he who gave the game its title. It was originally to be called "Cave Game".

Is Minecraft a educational game?

Traditionally speaking, Minecraft is not an educational game.

Where can the game Minecraft be purchased online?

Minecraft can be purchased directly from the Minecraft website. Game Stop, the bricks and mortar retailer, also sells Minecraft cards which can be used on the Minecraft website.

Where can one find video game reviews?

Most game reviews can be found on the internet. For example, IGN is a website dedicated to video game reviews. Magazines like Famitsu and Nintendo Power also have video game reviews.

How Do You Get 2D Minecraft?

There is no official 2D Minecraft game but there is a mod "2d minecraft"