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in the credits of burst limit goku goes ssj2 against broly. but when you play sadly goku can not go ssj2

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Q: When can you play as ssj2 goku on dbz burst limit?
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Is there a ssj2 goku in Dragon Ball Z burst limit?

yes but you can not play as him

How can you play as ss2 goku in dbz burst limit?

goku can only go ssj in burst limit gohan is the only character that can go ssj2

How can you play as ssj2 Goku in limit?

easy when you are ssj goku when your transform bar is full press the left bumper when your ssj goku then you will turn into ssj2 goku.

What is the difference between ssj2 Goku's hair and ssj Goku's hair?

In ssj2, Goku's hair is slightly spikier and has less hairs on his face.

Who is stronger majin vegeta or ssj2 Goku?

Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta vs SSJ Goku (Ascended) ended in a draw, therefor one can conclude that an SSJ2 Goku would beat Vegeta.

Could ssj2 Goku beat broly?

Of course Goku would easily win.

When did Goku go super sayian2?

Nobody sees him go ssj2-after gohan beats cell goku trains in the afterlife and surpasses ssj2 and when he fights vegeta he instantly goes ssj3.

Could ssj2 goku beat lssj broly?

no.broly is the legendary super sayain.people think his ssj2 level.his far above that.because if he was than Z sword train ssj2 gohan would have hurt him really bad and wouldn't need any help form goku and gotan.but z sword train ssj2 gohan couldn't even make broly flinch. it common sense really.if a ssj2 cant make broly flinch than no other ssj2 can. even thought ssj2 vegeta and ssj2 goku have better fighting sense it really wouldn't make a difference. but ssj2 goku can beat bio broly but not real broly. and another fact is if broly was ssj2 power than they would have called it BROLY THE SUPER SAYAIN 2.NOT BROLY THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAYAIN. broly has the best transformation out of all transformation in dbz. so let me put like this BROLY>>>>ssj2 goku.ssj2 gohan.ssj2 vegeta.spc.bojack.super 13.ssj gotan ssj trunks. but if bio broly vs ssj2 goku then goku would win.but without putting up a challegene

Is vegeta stonger than Goku?

If you play budokai tenkaichi 3 you must know that there is goku early that is when he fights vegeta and raditz and goku mid which can be a super saiyan. The last goku is goku end and it is when he fights cell and on. MAjjin vegeta defeated him because gku used ssj2 but he has ssj3

Who is stronger ssj2 gohan or ssj2 vegeta?

well that's tough to answer in my opinion it would be vegeta because vegeta is the exact same lvl as goku and goku is stronger than gohan therefor vegetas stronger

What is Frieza's total power level?

see when broly faught gohan ssj2, trunks and goten SSjs he was damaged very much.So three saiyans ssj2 +ssj+ssj =ssj3 but still they can't beat him so goku came as ssj2 so the ssj2+ssj2+ssj+ssj=ssj 4=2,200,000,000.

How do you unlock ssj2 gohan on Legacy of goku 2?

You only play as him once. in the end while fighting perfect cell, gohan will go SSJ2, also called sayians fury. your energy will not decrease in this form, but you will not get it after you beat cell. you only get it once.