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At halloween!

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Q: When can you become a ghost on club penguin?
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How do you turn your penguin into a ghost in Club Penguin?

Go to the laboratory and enter the ghostifie chamber. You have to be a member to be a ghost

Where is the ghost matron in club penguin?

In the mansion

Where is the first ghost at in club penguin?

your mumasdfasdfasd

How do you find the ghosts on Club Penguin?

During the halloween party piles of candy are all over club penguin. When you scroll over some piles your mouse changes to the hand mode. click the candy and a ghost will pop out. Click the ghost.

How do you find the ghost of CP?

There isn't a ghost on Club Penguin on most occasions.

Are there ghost penguins on Club Penguin?

Nope! There is only ghost costumes for Halloween

Club Penguin how to you become a be guler on Club Penguin?

Uh, you pretend

How do you become a rainbow penguin on Club Penguin?

You have to have a YELLOW Puffle and give it a bath to become a Rainbow Penguin on Club Penguin.

What is the best Halloween costume in club penguin?

Probably ghost costume. Or ghost detector

What code is for an ghost costume unused in club penguin?

IT'S FANTASMA (Ghost Costume)

How do you become invisible after you become a ninja in club penguin?

you have to be a member on club penguin to be invisible you have to pay if you have to be a member?

How do you become the president of Club Penguin?

There is no president in Club Penguin but you can join the secret agent club.