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They aren't really actual holidays, because I think New Years Eve is the only real-life holiday Wild World has, but here's a list for you.


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Q: When are the holidays in Wild World?
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What are the animal crossing wild world holidays?

the only holidays that ACWW celebrates are news years day, fireworks night, birthdays and your birthday.

Who is tortimer in animal crossing wild world?

Tortimer is the mayor and you see him outside the town hall on holidays

What are the holidays on Animal crossing wild world?

acorn festival, new years day, birthdays, and probably many more

Is there Halloween in Animal Crossing Wild World DS?

Unfortunately, no. They have also canceled Christmas, excercise day, and many, many more fun holidays.

What holidays do they celebrate in Wild World?

There's a bunch of things they celebrate in Wild World, some are actual holidays, while some are merely events. Here's a list:- New Years- La-Di-Day- Fishing Tournament- Yay Day- Flea Market- Bright Nights- Flower Fest- The Bug Off- Fireworks Show- Acorn Festival- New Years Eve

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What is the whistle in Animal Crossing Wild World?

There is no whistle in wild world.

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