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You cannot be friends with Saharah on Animal Crossing Wild World.

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Q: How do you become friends with saharah on Animal Crossing wild world?
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Can you date your neighbors in Animal Crossing Wild World?

No, though you can become good friends with them over time.

If you become really good friends with an animal on Animal Crossing City Folk will they eventually give you their picture like they do in Animal Crossing Wild World?

yes, they do. but it does not mean that they are in love with you ''/ <3 lots of love katyy.

Wii Animal Crossing can you become an animal?


How do you get animal photos on Animal Crossing?

Become very good friends with the animal, and one day, he/she will have an "!"mark above their head and give you their picture. To become good friends, send them letters with random presents, talk to them a lot, don't hit them with nets, ect.

On Animal Crossing what is the friendliest animal?

There are many friendly characters. Such as Pippy, Gabi, Lilly, Poncho, Pudge and many more. Try to become good friends with each animal in your town and see what happens. :) BuNnYbUn1

How do you become friends with animals on Animal Crossing Wild World DS?

You talk to them every once in a while. You complete their tasks and they give you gifts. You will have to talk to them every time you go on Animal Crossing because if you don't they will leave your town. Make sure not to talk to one character like twenty times because he/she will call you a stalker. If you are successful, your animal friends will give you his/her photo.

Can you get a boyfriend in Animal Crossing Wild World?

No. Although you can become good friends with animals by talking to them frequently, you cannot date them. That is not part of the Animal Crossing game, as it is rated "E" for everyone. On occasion, a male villager might say something a little romantic towards a female character, but this is usually aimed as a joke or said on Valentines day. There is, however, no official way to get a boyfriend or girlfriend in any Animal Crossing game.No, You Can't Get A BF On Animal Crossing.

How do you get Sable in Animal Crossing DS to talk to you fast?

You keep talking to Sable once a day. Soon she'll become friends with you and tell stories about her life story.

How do you become an animal in Animal Crossing wild world?

Sorry, but you cannot become an animal in animal crossing. I have that game and you cannot do that. you can sort of look like a rabbit if u buy the bunny hood frm able sisters but aprt frm that, you can't.

Can you be an animal on animal crossing city folk?

no you can't become an animal! but aparentley there is a glitch that lets you become one! if you desparatley want to become an animal then you can get some costumes and dress up as one!

On acww when you become a mayor you can organize your own activities?

On Animal Crossing Wild World, you can not become mayor. However, on a new Animal Crossing game on the 3DS you are able to become mayor. That game comes out sometime in March 2011

What happens on Animl Crossing Wild World when you become the mayor?

You don't become mayor, you probably saw the Animal Crossing movie. Which is different from the game