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It is completely random unless you cheat or keep on trying to get it as a shiny by continuously checking it out and lightly resetting the game until you get it as a shiny.

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Q: When are legendary Pokemon decided to be shiny?
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What do you do after your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold?

If your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold, there is no way of retrieving them again.

How do you catch shiny legendary easily?

You can't catch shiny legendary Pokemon without cheats... sorry

How do you catch shinny legendarys in Pokemon platinum?

Everytime you encounter a Pokemon (legendary and non legendary Pokemon) you have a 1 in 8192 chance of it being shiny. SO save your game before you fight the legendary and if it isn' shiny restart it. It took me days to find 1 shiny legendary but it was well worth it

Pokemon emerald what would happen if a shiny legendary breeded with ditto?

legendary Pokemon cant breed

Are there shiny codes for legendary Pokemon on gameshark for Pokemon emerald?


What is the shiny dog legendary Pokemon in Pokemon White?


What legendaries can you get on your Pokemon Ranch?

legendary shiny magicarp

Is there a cheat that makes legendary Pokemon shiny?

no, there is no way to make legendarys shiny or any Pokemon shiny but there is a way to clone them in battle tower.

What are the 11 shiny legendary Pokemon in Pokemon call of legends?

The 11 Shiny Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon : Call of Legends series are: -dialga -palkia -suicune -raikou -entei -rayquaza -deoxys -lugia -ho-oh -kyogre -groundon

Shiny legendary code for Pokemon emerald?

The Shiny legendary code for Pokemon Emerald is rather long. It is listed as 83007CE40021, 83007CE60300, 53000020000F, 044800684589, 808900042843, 1860C0460148, 0047905D0003, 177C06080000.

Where can you catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon soulsilver?

Everywhere! Anytime you find a Pokemon in the wild or even a legendary there's a super small chance it will be shiny.

What are the chances of getting a shiny Mewtwo?

1/8192 is the appearance rate for any shiny pokemon. The odds are no different with legendary pokemon.