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not for a long time

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Q: When Will PS3 Games Stop Being Made?
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Will the Sims 3 be on the ps2?

it may not be. only because it is being made for the PS3. they are eventually going to stop making PS2 games and only have PS3 they are going to do what works best for them and make it for the PS3

Will PS3 games stop being made when the PS4 comes out?

They still make some PS2 games and the PS3 has been out for 5 years. They also still make PS2s and are selling more of them very year in new markets

When will they stop making ps3?

Wii games will stop being produced some time after the Wii-U is released.

Will playstation stop making the ps3 games?

No, there is no plan for PlayStation to stop making PS3 games. The company recently released the PS4 console. PS3 games do not work in the PS4.

Where you can trade PS3 games?

Game stop

How much is a used 10 GB ps3 game stop?

PS3 never made a 10 GB the smallest made was 20 GB and it would run about what a new PS3 would because it can play PS2 games and Gamestop sells refurbished PS3s

Will they make battlefront 2 for PS3?

No most of the PS2 games made into PS3 games are already Sony games

What website has every game title for the ps3?

Wikipedia. Look up "PS3 Games" you will be directed to an article with all the games ever made for the PS3 including PSN games.

Ps3 online still free after ps4 And sony will stop releasing games for ps3?

Online PS 3 is still free after PS 4 though Sony will stop releasing games for PS 3.

Does PS3 play halo games?

No Halo is an Xbox 360 exclusive and not made for the PS3

How do you know if you can use PS3 move on a PS3 game?

It is only for specially made games

How many games have invevted on PS3?

The PS3 has over 1,000 games and not all are unique, but they also are made for other systems