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If you mean the company and the very first consoles I would say it would of cost alot of money to buy. Back then maybe games were only for rich people.

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Q: When Nintendo was released in the US how much did it cost?
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How much was the Nintendo 64 cost when it was made?

The MSRP was $199.99 USD when it was released in the US.

US Nintendo DS I you how much does it cost?

it is 170$ [::[__]::] [+[__]::]

How much time does a Nintendo Wii cost in the US?

a Nintendo wii costs about $249.99 (plus tax of course) in the US

How much does a Nintendo DS game cost in Canada?

Probobly one or two dollars more then what it cost in the US

How much does the Nintendo cost not the ds?

Nintendo Co, Ltd, as a company is worth around 20 billion US dollars, and has an operating cost per year of about 6 billion.

How much will the Nintendo Wii U cost in the UAE?

If it is the same price as in the US ($299.99), it will cost 1,105. While the deluxe pack will cost 1,400.

How much does a Nintendo DSi cost at Toys R Us?

$249.99 in noarlunga SA

How much does a Nintendo ds cost in Romania?

Nintendo DS Lite (pink, white, black, silver): ca. 550 lei (1 US $ = 3,03 lei)

When is the Nintendo Dsi coming out to the us?

The Nintendo DSI will be released in the U.S. in April 2009.

Is the Nintendo Wii U only available in the US?

No, the Nintendo Wii U is released in all regions

How much does a nintend XL cost?

The DSi XL's recommended retail price is £159 UK, or $180 US.

How much are ds in US?

the Nintendo is 84 dollars not that much