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Ok, is your Pokemon platinum, American or a diffrent counrty version if so if your playing on engish Ds it will likely crash or you bought a faulty one off a website.

Go to the game store and buy a normal one its the only way next time don't buy stuff off the internet if their not in the shops

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Q: When I take a step in my Pokemon Platinum it do I fix it?
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How do you take rental Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no rental Pokemon in in Pokemon platinum

How do you level up Pokemon in platinum?

battle other pokemons! and also you can leave your Pokemon in the pokeday-care and for every step you take you give your Pokemon 1 exp. point. :) hope i helped:P

Do you have to take your Pokemon platinum game to a Toys R Us to get the lv100 regigias downloaded into your Pokemon platinum game?

no but you must take with you a ds Pokemon pearl or diamond. then when you get platinum you will have to trade it from the other games.

How do you take pokemon' out of pokeballs' in pokemon' platinum version?

you can't

How do you get the platinum flag in the underground on Pokemon platinum?

take 50 flags in the underground

How do get to the Pokemon colloseum in Pokemon Platinum?

it's a game not a thing you can get (PS if you do get it you can take the code from the game when you get jirachi and you can put jirachi on Pokemon platinum) X24

Pokemon Platinum how do you take a power from a Pokemon?

wat du u mean

What do you do with oaks letter on Pokemon Platinum?

take it to the rock up there by the Pokemon league

What electric type to take in Pokemon platinum?


How can you get Pokemon Platinum ROM to load your saved game after you quit the gba?

turn it off, take the GBA game out and make sure Pokemon platinum is in. Turn it on and select Pokemon platinum and - VOILA! it starts.

Where is the Flower paradise in Pokemon Platinum?

North of the Pokemon league (Take the seabreak path)

Where are the plates in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

this is the same as Pokemon platinum, they are in the underground, they do take a while to find.