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Please do not ask such questions that are impossible to solve.

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Q: What would happen if you put two pokemon in the same pokeball would they fuse?
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Is there an action replay code to fuse Pokemon in Pokemon platnium?

You cannot fuse pokemon.

What happen when a 3A fuse replaces a 5A blown fuse?

The device will work, but the 3A fuse will blow quicker than the 5A would have.

What would happen if you put a 3A fuse in for kettle which is 13A?

The fuse will blow as soon as you turn it on. Use the correct fuse and nothing else.

Where can you go to fuse Pokemon?

to "fuse" Pokemon is impossible sorry to say

Can you fuse your Pokemon together?

No. You could fuse Pokemon together in your imagination, but none of the games will allow you to fuse Pokemon together. It's impossible.

Can you fuse Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

no you can't.

How do you fuse Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

You can't

How do you fuse Pokemon on FireRed?

Fusing Pokemon is no possible in Pokemon.

What websites to fuze your Pokemon?

You can't fuse Pokemon.

Where can you fuse Pokemon?

no where mate

Pokemon diamond how do you fuse Dialga?

fuse dialga? well i caught him but i dont know how to FUSE dialga!

How do you fuse Pokemon on Pokemon pearl the ds game?

you cant...