What words have cide in them?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I Need To Think Of Some For Homework & All I Can Think Of Is Suicide! :-/

HI!! I'm new, but that doesn't mean I don't know anything. There is also homicide which means to kill a human, regicide which means to kill a king, and fratricide which means to kill your brother. That's all I have for -cide!

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Q: What words have cide in them?
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What are words ending with -cide?

there is devide,undecied,sucide,

What are some words that end with cide?

"Decide" ends with cide.coincidedecidegenocidehomicideinfanticidematricidepatricidepesticidesuicide

What is Cide's population?

Cide's population is 23,161.

Where did the word pesticide come from?

Pesticide is made up of two words 'pest and -cide'. The word pest refers to an annoying or troublesome thing. The suffice -cide is borrowed from Latin meaning 'killer' and is used in compound words, such as pesticide and homicide

What does the prefix cide mean?

The Prefix Cide Means - To Kill

What is the area of Cide?

The area of Cide is 664 square kilometers.

What are some words that contain the root cide?

infanticide, matricide, patricide, homicide, suicide, genocide, fratricide

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Yes B-CIDE is a real rapper.

What is the population density of Cide?

Cide's population density is 34.88 people per square kilometer.

List the words that end cide and means something that is dead?

homocide- death of a man regicide-death of a man

What does cide mean?


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