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flake, now, sow, low, flow, foe, floe, lake, sake, soak, folk, won, fake, wake, weak, sloe, ale sale aloe also flan oak awe was saw law flaw lawn loaf lens lean awl ale know knew eon skew sole son slank slow now sofa

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Q: What words can you make out of snowflake?
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How many words can you make out of snowflake?


What is the conclusion to make a 3 D paper snowflake?

conclusion of 3d snowflake

What are two words that describe snowflake?

beautiful and light

What is the conclusion to make a 3-D paper snowflake?

To make a 3D paper snowflake, you would typically start by folding and cutting six identical snowflake shapes out of paper. Once you have your six snowflake pieces, you would then stack and glue them together to create the 3D effect, making sure to line up the edges properly to achieve a symmetrical snowflake design.

Do ice crystals make a snowflake?

yes it does

How do you make a snowflake with alt key?


What temperature is needed to make a snowflake?


What are some words describing a snowflake?

snowy fluffy wight cold water

What does earth dragon and ice dragon make?

snowflake dragon

Where can one go to learn how to make a paper snowflake?

One may use the site "Wiki How" to learn how to make a paper snowflake. There are also instruction on the site "Instructibles" and videos on You Tube.

What Christmas song has the first line initials hcssdihswg?

This is the first line from the song Suzy Snowflake. The words are "Here comes Suzy Snowflake dressed in her snow white gown".

What is the word for snowflake in latin?